Auxiliary PoliceBangunan Sultan Iskandar is gazetted as a PROTECTED AREA AND PROTECTED PLACE CATEGORY 1 proclaimed under Protected Areas and Protected Places Act 1959 “Akta Kawasan Larangan dan Tempat Larangan 1959.” The Security, Safety and Health & Environment (SSHE) Department is responsible in ensuring the overall security and safety of Bangunan Sultan Iskandar, its perimeter, premises and occupants and people found therein.  SSHE Department scope is also to complement and supplement the local security agency in enforcing any written law.



The main component of the Security Unit of SSHE Department in Bangunan Sultan Iskandar comprises the Auxiliary Police, the Executive Guard and the First Responder Emergency Team (FRET) that will consistently apprehend any breach of  security on the building and its assets, through constant surveillance which includes managing the following:

  1. Protection of life of its occupants and people found therein
  2. Building and Asset Security
  3. Prevention and detection of crime, including apprehending any criminal act
  4. Collection, coalition and dissemination of intelligence / information pertaining to any attempt / breach of the law
  5. Managing access and exit control of the staff and visitors
  6. Surveillance on the public at access and exit points
  7. Surveillance on vehicle at access and exit points
  8. Traffic control and management
  9. Crowd management
  10. First response / first aid during an incident including during a crisis / disaster situation
  11. Access Control (Staff/Visitor Processing).
  12. Site Surveillance e.g. vehicle access points.
  13. Crowd & Traffic Control.
  14. Crisis Management



The Security Unit employs well trained and disciplined Auxiliary Police and Executive Guard to perform:

  1. Perimeter Physical Surveillance
  2. Static and mobile surveillance
  3. Guarding the perimeter from intruders and intrusion through Perimeter Intruder/Intrusion Detection System (PIDS).
  4. Access and exit management



This unit employs qualified professionals, optimizing high-tech security surveillance system and method through recording, interpreting, analysing and disseminating information to the relevant department in enforcing security by:

  1. Managing and operating Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  2. Managing and operating access/exit control
  3. Managing and operating internal alarms



SHE Unit is responsible towards the safety and health & environment of Bangunan Sultan Iskandar by inculcating work ethics to all staff in AMPM, including providing training in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) 1994, such as:

  1. Building familiarisation and periodical safety and health induction
  2. Crisis and Disaster Management Drills (outbreak of fire, threats etc.)
  3. Emergency Respond Plan and constructing the various Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  4. Hazard / risk assessment and analysis during any eventuality
  5. Administering Business Continuity (Contingency) Plan (BCP)


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