ICTAMPM’s main scope of work under the ICT department is to fulfil the Facility Management task by providing services in operating, managing and maintaining shared ICT system. These main scopes are:

1. Operating, managing and maintenance of the integrated information system
2. Running the Operation Management Centre
3. Managing and maintaining all shared information communication and Telecommunication system and hardware

AMPM’s main activity for ICT services is to carry out the operation and management of the ICT shared services which include the following:

  1. Local Area Network (LAN)
  2. Integrated Security & Surveillance System (ISSS)
  3. Electronic Panel & Indicator Display (EPID)
  4. Voice & Video/Audio Communication (VVAC)
  5. Public Information Kiosk (KIOSK)
  6. Shared System & Server Applications (SSSA)
  7. Other related ICT services


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