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ICTEnergy wastage can be attributable to unnecessary operations, inefficient equipment, poorly controlled strategies and inappropriate fuels. All these will contribute towards increased capital and operating cost and will give negative impacts on environmental sustainability.

At AMPM Energy Division, i.e. Energy One, we highly subscribe to a holistic energy management that leads not only energy savings but also contributes towards environmental sustainability. We are committed in our support of the Government’s call under the Utilization and Environmental Objectives of National Energy Policy (1979) to promote efficient utilization of energy, elimination of wasteful non-productive patterns of energy consumption and minimize the negative environmental impacts of the energy supply chain. AMPM lauds the Government’s initiatives to further strengthening the formulation of several policies and action plans to address energy concerns i.e. The National Green Technology Policy (2009). It is our mission to play an active role towards achieving these objectives.

With a highly qualified engineering team and an extensive network of associated members comprising of  experts and specialists from diverse professional backgrounds, an excellent combination of working experience on research, consultancy and technology transfer activities for energy efficiency and optimization, we are committed to deliver energy management services and programs best practices in Malaysia and globally.



To be a leading and recognized energy management company in Malaysia and globally.


  1. To reduce the rate of growth of energy consumption through Green Technology.
  2. To facilitate and intensify the growth of the Green Technology.
  3. To ensure sustainable development and preserve the environment impact through Green Technology.
  4. To create, promote and increase public awareness and further Disseminate education on Green Technology and encourage its widespread use.



The Energy Management Services (EnMS) Division offers :

•          Qualified and Registered Energy Manager
•           Compliance on Energy Act, Regulations & Certifications
•           Energy Audit & Conservation Study
•           Investment Grade Energy Audit
•           Implementation through energy services company (ESCO)
•           In-house Energy Management Implementation & Assistance
•           Demand Side Management
•           Renewable Energy
•           Condition Based Monitoring, Energy Measurement & Verifications
•           Third Party Inspections



Group Operations Director
Is an Electrical Engineer and has over 19 years experience in the telecommunication, construction and asset and facility management industries until his current position. He is a member of Malaysian Asset and Project Management Association (MAPMA) and The British Institute of Facility Management (BIFM). He is also the  Facility Management Director in IBEX Management Services Sdn. Bhd, an associate company of AMPM within the IBEX Group.



Manager, Facility (Energy)
Aged 46, is a Registered Electrical Energy Manager certified by the Energy Commission. In charge of general management, international cooperation and ENERGY SERVICES COMPANY ( ESCO ) business development and has over 22 years working experience in the M & E building services, refrigeration and air conditioning, energy efficiency and conservation. He also has a vast experience in executing due diligence audit, sales and marketing both local and international. Through his working experience in research and consultancy, he has trained AMPM’s energy management team and imparted knowledge as well as technology transfer for energy efficiency and optimization of the building systems.


Assistant Manager, Energy
Aged 32, holds a Bachelor Degree in Electronics Engineering. He has vast experience in energy efficiency related projects, specifically in air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation (ACMV) system. He is a Certified Energy Manager under AEMAS, a program supervised by Malaysian Green Technology Corporation. Projects included are due diligence and testing and commissioning of ACMV system for commercial and industrial buildings locally and overseas. His other experience in project management includes Energy performance Contact (EPC) managing government-owned facilities.


Senior Engineer, Facility (Energy)
Aged 42, trained as an Electrical Engineer. Currently holds the position as an Senior Engineer, Facility (Energy). He is responsible in analyzing, planning, coordinating and organizing all energy management related activities for internal and external contracts. Experienced in leading energy management committee and energy conservation team for JB Sentral Building, Johor Bahru. His experience also includes managing engineering services expansion programmed for Celcom, Maxis and DIGI network.



Our team has developed a customized, cost effective energy optimization /energy management program for individual customer. This specially crafted program will provide customers the right approach, system, process and procedures to optimize their energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gases i.e. carbon dioxide (CO2) emission to the environment. All these efforts will lead towards better energy management for the organization.

Experiences and Successful Projects

  1. JB Sentral – Energy Audit and Energy Management System.
    December 2010 to June 2013

  2. Electrical Energy Manager Supervision :

    a.         Celestica (M) Sdn. Bhd – Kulim, Kedah
    b.         Infineon Technologies Sdn. Bhd – Melaka
    c.         Technology Park Malaysia Berhad – Kuala Lumpur
    d.         JKR HQ, Blok A to F – Kuala Lumpur
    e.         Digi Telecommunication S/B – Lot 10, Shah Alam
    f.          Digi Telecommunication S/B – Lot 30, Shah Alam
    g.         Infineon Technologies Sdn. Bhd – Kulim, Kedah

  3. Past energy efficiency project experiences from Energy Team members :


  1. MAESCO - Ordinary Member of MAESCO under class ‘A’.
    Membership No: 1078
  2. Energy Service Company (Energy Commision)
    Registration No: BIL/SESCO/03/2013



  1. Razali Bin Abu @ Abu Bakar (PTE-0003-2009)


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