CRM ServicesAMPM Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is committed to providing a high standard quality of service. This standard of service provides AMPM with its competitive edge and customers expect to be served professionally and competently.

Customer service standards are developed for employees to adopt and subscribe in providing par excellence quality of service that exceeds client’s expectations.



Our Customer Care Representatives are always ready to serve the customer. We continuously offer a warm smile and welcoming gestures to all customer and guests.Service provided:



Serving as the supporting system to AMPM core business units, the Customer Relationship Management operates with an integrated system to troubleshoot and manage client’s enquiries. Our Customer Care representatives are trained professionals with a positive and friendly image.

Our Customer Care Representatives are technologically competent and are adept at using the best and latest available practices communication tools to communicate, record and channel all requests or enquiries for action.  We utilize the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMSS) which eliminates delay and expedite response time.

We practise diligent follow ups and follow throughs  with regards to the enquiries lodged by the customers. We diligently follow up and give feedback on the status of complaints or enquiries by updating information and giving accurate information.

With our integrated communication system, all complaints and feedbacks are managed via portal, emails, calls in and walk-in.

As part of our continuous service par excellence, we conduct periodical survey and welcome feedbacks to measure the level of  satisfaction among clients. Our performance is gauged through the client feedback

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